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About Us.

Embrace and produce joy.

Our story

We are a handmade business

that creates sensory toys for children using

quality sourced materials.

We make our toys as if they were made for our own children, from the sourcing of materials to the research on what textures and sounds are best for the final products.

As makers and purveyors, we hope to encourage learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity.

The mission

To spread joy to children everywhere. We do this through our handmade sensory toys perfect for tiny humans.

These toys are colourful, vibrant with different textures and sounds that are great for the development of sensory-motor skills.

Our materials

All our products are made with accessible, durable non-allergenic yarn. This means that our customers get to choose from a range of colours that are less sensitive to detergent.

Furthermore, non-allergenic yarn is ideal for kids with lanolin allergy or otherwise sensitive to wool and other natural fibres.

As the yarn we use is synthetic, it’s not possible for moth larvae to digest. This means that with proper care, the sensory toys will last long without becoming delicate.

Enjoy life.

Here we believe that every child is different

That’s one of the reasons we specialize in the unique.

We help you make your child feel special with the option to personalize their sensory toys.

Our packaging

Each piece is beautifully placed in our customized parcels!

Our packaging includes a classic brown parcel. We want to make unboxing special for everyone, even when it’s a gift for yourself! 

Keep having fun!

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